Kate's Party

Saturday October 1, 7pm

Party at JING Table Booked for 7pm

A selection of appetizers and bottles of wine will be provided to get you started! Pls note that extra food, drinks and cocktails will be down to you.

Getting There Be there or be square.

Two options:

1. Be at 9909 S Clyde Circle by 6.20 and you will have an incredible transport service to JING.
If you can have someone drop you off then you wont have to park - AND - we will be driving you home afterwards!

2. Or, catch the bus or hitch-hike and see you at JING at 7pm - suggest you be there at 6.50.
No matter how you get there, we will help you get home!

Getting Back! Chauffeur service available.

Transport will be available to get you back home - or whereever you want to be! Our drivers are discrete.